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Due to the nature of antipathy, it was manipulated only for those participants imagining an adult acquaintance.
Neville, 33, is well-known for his antipathy towards Merseyside, having been fined pounds 5,000 two years ago for an over-zealous goal celebration against the Reds.
Preemptive war, abrogation of treaties, distrust of allies, torture and maltreatment of prisoners of war have all caused worldwide antipathy toward this great land.
Minarik appears to have developed a deep antipathy towards his colleague, repeatedly insulting him in public and threatening him via phone calls and text messages.
After tracing the decline in African American support for Republicans and 35 years of Republican efforts to regain that support, he concludes that the problem for Republicans lies in their inability to recognize the ideological antipathy of African Americans for Republican policy positions combined with the way that Republican campaigns have frequently used racial political symbolism in their (more successful) attempts to appeal to white conservatives.
Before his mother passes away, they embrace one last chance to build upon their lifelong bond, and she confesses to him the long-hidden family secret that is the reason for her antipathy to all things British.
In Notes, Dench plays Barbara Covett, a career schoolteacher who looks upon her students and colleagues alike with barely disguised antipathy.
But antipathy soon erupts between Antony and Octavian.
As a Roman Catholic and a Canadian, I found some of Jones' antipathy for Catholics and Canadians off-putting.
Given the obvious antipathy of the electorate for Washington in general, try to defer when possible to Democrats outside Washington, particularly our fine batch of Democratic governors.
There was little hint, in the 1770s anyway, of an English antipathy to the Spanish as planters "were more loyal to the market than to any nationality" (p.
Germany has expressed a long-standing antipathy towards immigrants, implementing one of the first guest worker systems for Turkish immigrants and rendering it virtually impossible to acquire citizenship even for third-generation residents of non-German descent.