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Proposition 1 Any connected bialgebra is a Hopf algebra with antipode
In strong winds and heavy swells, one of Wellingtons sea boats was sent to pick up the patient from Hut Cove after the vessel arrived at the Antipodes on Monday morning.
That Antipodes surge temporarily stopped Centennial III of Judes Echauz from claiming the overall title outright.
It is a vital habitat for many seabirds, including albatrosses, as well as other animals found nowhere else on Earth, such as the Antipodes Island and Reischek's parakeets, pipit and snipe.
Performed in Letoy's house by his domestic staff, 'The Antipodes' is designed to convince Peregrine that he has traveled to 'the Antipodes of England' where 'all / Degrees of people, both in sex and quality, / Deport themselves in life and conversation / Quite contrary to us' (1.
Contributors from the Americas, the Antipodes, and Britain explore possibilities of transforming the international trade in sugar into an international trade in tourists.
VISIT Take a short break - or stop-over on longer flights to the Antipodes - and spilt time between the city and beaches.
pour ce forum sans chefs d'Etat qui se veut aux antipodes des sommets plus institutionnels et feutres des dirigeants de la Francophonie.
The early Greek philosopher Pythagoras posited that if the earth was a sphere, then it needed an antipodes to underpin or support oecumene, the known world.
However, that defeat by Rewilding in the Prince of Wales's Stakes has not shaken the belief among some of the top names in both Europe and the Antipodes that the son of High Chaparral can prove his superstar status against Workforce in tomorrow's Coral-Eclipse Stakes.
Alfred Hiatt, Terra Incognita: Mapping the Antipodes before 1600
FREE FACIAL Grassroots Organic in Glasgow are launching the new Antipodes facial treatment and, to celebrate, they will be hosting an open evening tonight from 7pm until 10pm.