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6] Fu Yuhua, Expanding Hegelian Triad Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis with Neutrosophy and Quad-stage Method, China Preprint Service System (in Chinese) http://www.
The unity of science as the antithesis of pluralism.
5) Plaskow, on the other hand, stresses the rule of Judaism as antithesis as the most characteristic anti-Judaic motif used by feminist interpreters of the Christian Testament.
Gruesser posits a clear progression from "Ethiopianist" writing at the turn of the century to its antithesis, "The Movement Away from Ethiopianism," at the century's end.
An August 10th Washington Times profile of the Greenville, South Carolina-based Association noted that it "happily sees itself as the antithesis of big-time, big-money college sports.
We are seen by some spiritual teachers as the antithesis of the spiritual values of openness and grace.
Yet we are fallible, and so the real worst, the antithesis of peace, is to refuse to recognize failure and humbly begin again.
The economic growth of the second half of the century "provoked its own antithesis in environmentalism," he writes, claiming that movement, alongside the women's movement, as the most profound and lasting social change of recent history.
He regarded monarchies as the antithesis of what the U.
The thesis and antithesis struggle against each other in such a way that neither survives.
later, he found himself running a company in New York, a city that represents the antithesis of country living.
This antithesis of Type A responses may indicate a tendency to suppress unpleasant emotions, they suggest.