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AntiTHESIS Coffee Shop, 201 Saint Andrews Street, Limassol.
Ian Mill, QC, reading from internal Proactive documents, said the brand strategy for "Team Rooney" was: "Wayne is a street fighter, a product of the terraces, the antithesis of DB (David Beckham).
He is the antithesis of me, and I am the antithesis of him," Harrington said.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON has revealed the strained nature of his relationship with Ryder Cup team-mate Sergio Garcia, describing the Spaniard as "the antithesis of me".
The antithesis to the costume-wearing "Group Sounds" bands who took Japan by storm in the '60s with their imitations of American and British pop, The Jacks were nihilistic, operated outside of any scene and refused to give interviews.
Contemporary dialectic thought in the West is associated with Hegel, the German philosopher whose dialectical scheme described the progress of history and ideas from thesis to antithesis and then to synthesis.
Though old alternator wires and used transistors might sound like the antithesis of fashion, Kolbusz's pieces have a distinctiveness that comes from mixing shape, texture and material, like dangling earrings made of rubber washers linked with stainless steel.
Pfeifer, a professor of American history at the University of Western Ontario, adds a telling footnote to lynching scholarship when he discusses the concept of rough justice, a barbaric cousin of mob violence and the antithesis of state-sanctioned death penalties in the United States, with his book Rough Justice: Lynching and American Society, 1874-1947 (University of Illinois Press, August 2006).
The phrase "a fresh grave" is a misnomer because without flowers or grass, with desolate dirt, it is the antithesis of fresh.
But fighting for conformity and uniformity is the antithesis of "X-ness.
Reed sees herself as the antithesis of a chamber president.
This is truly a book about "soft skills," among them mindfulness, hope and compassion; it's the antithesis of a popular book from the 1980s, Sun Tzu's The Art of War.