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The rhetorical reconfiguration of the padrone as a kind of benevolent despot is further evidenced by antonomasia, the signification of an item or a person by an epithet, for padrone, if translated literally, means the patron; the rhetorical reconfiguration of the comare as a nurturing mother to the community at large is further evidenced by her associations with the role of the godmother of the baptismal font.
By shifting the political paradigm and enthroning the state as the subject by antonomasia, international law unintentionally favored colonies' desire for independence and the statist longings of various communities.
meyva ve sebze-lik (fruit and vegetable-Der) 'a fruit and vegetable container'; badana ve boya-ci (whitewash and paint-Der) 'painter'; ana (ve) baba-lik (mother (and) father-Der) 'parenthood'; ay-yildiz-li bayrak (moon-star-Der flag), sari-kirmizi-li takim (yellow-red-Der team), two well-known instances of antonomasia to refer to the Turkish flag and the Galatasaray soccer team, respectively).
IX, I, 5 lists them as metaphor, synecdoche, metonymy, antonomasia, onomatopoeia, metalepsis, allegory, periphrasis, catachresis, and hyperbole.
His first reference to Ines does not mention her by name--indeed, her full name never appears in the poem--but by the rhetorical device of antonomasia, 'substitution [.
There were two other fig trees, but that one, certainly because it was the biggest, because it was the oldest, and timeless, was, for everybody in the house, "the fig tree"-more or less by antonomasia, an erudite word that I encountered only many years after and learned the meaning of.
The film demonstrates that it is impossible to "name" the referent supposedly generating this circulating discourse: all of the film's detection and inference lead only to a figure, the antonomasia "The Avenger.
This describes what happens with the trope of pronominatio or antonomasia, which also involves the interchange of moral generalities and specific persons.
Hartmut Freytag's comparison of antonomasia in Hartmann's Gregorius and its adaptation or elimination in the Latin versions (notably Arnold of Lubeck) has interesting literary implications, although a closer analysis of early German Genesis adaptations might have been useful (Adam as ellende, or godes trut, as well as passages like the strikingly antonomasiastic Wiener Genesis 79off.
Gadda delineates the ironie societal transformations through crimes, which seem to be surfacing in an inverse relationship to Rome's, and by antonomasia, Italy's, supposedly more austere civil moral environment.
Ademas, como afirma Carrillo, Oviedo adopta la "actitud de invisibilidad" propia del historiador con el objetivo de "dar voz a una entidad superior a su mismo acto de escritura, la Monarquia, agente de la historia por antonomasia que no necesita del esfuerzo narrativo del cronista" (Carrillo Castillo 39).
Dicho de otra manera: aun por haberse notado una cierta distancia entre la voz poetica de Castro en sus versos gallegos y la de sus versos en castellano, tambien se destaca la unidad entre estos, por lo que por antonomasia habra que hallarse alguna suerte de "galleguismo" o de voz luso-parlante en ambos (y, sobre todo, en los poemas redactados en lengua castellana).