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shtml#part_145339) recommends  therapy be tailored to a person's individual anxieties, adding "a typical 'side effect' is temporary discomfort involved with thinking about confronting feared situations.
Patients' anxieties about death and dying often manifest as fear, concern and tension,4 all of which affect the lives of most patients.
To compare the anxieties of students in eight aspects: access to resources, access to services, information search process, mechanical equipments, use of library, library literacy, staff, and the library building.
Ku, Ku, and Ma (2002) found 76% of patients who underwent open heart surgery indicated their anxieties were relieved as a result of a pre-admission education program regarding the open heart procedure.
Nevertheless, there has been a recent trend in anxiety research to identify and examine skill-specific foreign language anxieties.
On the one hand, the correlations between trait anxiety and other types of anxieties were all smaller for the Chinese (r = .
In order to meet up with these expectations, these adolescents could be caught in the grip of fears and anxieties.
It is also reported that mathematically anxious teachers have a tendency to use more traditional teaching methods which focus on procedural aspects of mathematics, and their mathematics anxieties tend to be transmitted to their students (Buhlman & Young, 1982).
Reviewing current knowledge about health anxiety disorders, stressing the need for continuing collaboration between Cognitive-Behavioral practitioners and primary care physicians, outlining recent advances in the treatment of health anxieties, and much more, Treating Health Anxiety is a seminal contribution with emphasis on the practical and a welcome contribution to mental health reference shelves.
McBride's introduction discusses the anxieties experienced by the aristocracy with the rise of the middle class and a primarily urban economy.
It is a powerful experience for a musician to discover that he is not alone with his fears and that many peers, and even teachers, are struggling, or have struggled, with the same anxieties.