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It seems he may have suffered from some kind of anxiety attack.
I had a really bad anxiety attack in the middle of a shoot and we had then I got my break in 2000 with Trigger Happy TV.
It could be a recurring anxiety attack for any number of UCLA players in the next few days, because the Bruins did exactly what they vowed not to do.
The next day the doctor said it was an anxiety attack brought on by the excitement of meeting my son.
A DOCTOR ordered a girl of 15 who was having an anxiety attack to stop talking to her mum in Welsh.
I don't want the anxiety attack that I know I will have if I'm a scoundrel going into the wedding, so I avoid that," he added.
Susan has clearly benefited from a good rest after a difficult period which culminated in exhaustion after an anxiety attack.
Panic attacks are a form of anxiety attack and are your body's response to what your head is feeling.
Bob, the shy one, reluctantly agrees, even though every time Walt gets on the stage (such as during a one-man show about Truman Capote), Bob suffers an anxiety attack.
Tennis: Just two days after becoming the first Swiss to win the Wimbledon men's championship, Roger Federer gave his fans an anxiety attack in the opening round of the Swiss Open.
I suffered an anxiety attack where your breathing actually goes and you collapse.
Villarreal coach Manuel Pellegrini, 52, almost missed last night's vital European clash with Rangers because of wife Carola's anxiety attack.