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These girls were anxious to be good and made many excellent resolutions, but they did not keep them very well, and were constantly saying, `If only we had this, ' or `If we could only do that, ' quite forgetting how much they already had, and how many things they actually could do.
All doubts as to the intention of Webb now vanished, and an hour or two of hurried footsteps and anxious faces succeeded.
I know Mary was rather anxious about you last year.
I think," he whispered to Miss Pross, after anxious consideration, "I think we had best not speak to him just now, or at all disturb him.
Fogg, I suppose, is anxious to catch the steamer for Yokohama?
If you are anxious to fight, you should not go to meet the invader near a river which he has to cross.
For the love of God do not be anxious about me, my friend, my only benefactor.
Miss Darcy, on her brother's entrance, exerted herself much more to talk, and Elizabeth saw that she was anxious for his sister and herself to get acquainted, and forwarded as much as possible, every attempt at conversation on either side.
Confess, Monsieur Mordaunt, that you are anxious to kill some of us.
With that sort of spiced food provided for his anxious thought, watchful for strange men, strange beasts, strange turns of the tide, he would make the best of his way up, a military seaman with a short sword on thigh and a bronze helmet on his head, the pioneer post- captain of an imperial fleet.
However, notwithstanding the marked favor which an invitation indicated, Raoul, faithful to his promise to Malicorne, who was so anxious to witness the ceremony, obtained admission for him.
Accordingly, after a little anxious but bewildered counsel, it was determined that several small detachments should start off in different directions, headed by the several partners.