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Anyhow, the deputation of distinguished geologists and mineralogists from Paris and Berlin were there in the most magnificent and appropriate dress, for there are no men who like wearing their decorations so much as the men of science--as anybody knows who has ever been to a soiree of the Royal Society.
It's well worth staying there, anyhow, once a year.
You've let yourself in for the Greek alphabet, anyhow.
You're a pretty creature, anyhow," he said, gazing at her with deeper eyes.
Anyhow, there I was, about morning-time when you were thinking of having your cup of tea, trussed up like a fowl in the middle of the village, and all the natives, beastly creatures, promenading round me and making faces and bawling out things - oh, it was beastly I can tell you
Anyhow, we've decided on the experiment and goodness only knows what will come of it.
Your wedding dress is a dream, anyhow," sighed Diana rapturously.
Anyhow, there is this about such evil, that it opens door after door in hell, and always into smaller and smaller chambers.
We've got to keep him till after the Campania sails, anyhow," Horser said doggedly.
Idiotic propositions of a parallel nature have been freely offered for my acceptance, and I have been called upon to admit that I would give Poor Law relief to anybody, anywhere, anyhow.
Anyhow, I can't leave here myself until I am relieved.
Then it has nothing to do with the crime, anyhow," said the sergeant.