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Whether the turnaround has anything to do with the success of the cottage lots pilot program (the city was able to get permission from the province to sell off some nearby waterfront lots on Crown land for cottage development) is anyone's guess, but the timing is impeccable.
Codikow is currently publicizing herself as the soul/sole founder of the organization is anyone's guess, but I would imagine that it has something to do with power.
They were as big as 2-1 with Bet Direct but whether that price - which is way too big - will last until kick-off is anyone's guess.
How much today's students will get the star worship of long-gone idols such as Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway is anyone's guess.
Where all of this bizarre bricolage leaves us is anyone's guess.
It's anyone's guess as to whether it'll just let the matter die or keep taking on taxpayers one at a time.
Looking ahead, just how quickly or how thoroughly the shakeout will proceed is anyone's guess.
How long it'll take, on the other hand, is anyone's guess.
What might happen is anyone's guess, but imagine if there were a serious outbreak this fall that threatened to overwheim the nation's health system.
W]hether the owners--millionaires or better--give a damn about energy usage is anyone's guess," he says.
But what voters do with it afterwards is anyone's guess," says Jorge Rial, the show's host.
How the OMA will deal with such seeming contradictions as it seeks to create a world-wide mobile device standard is anyone's guess.