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AS. A word purely Latin. It has two significations. First, it signifies weight, and in this sense, the Roman as, is the same thing as the Roman pound, which was composed of twelve ounces. It was divided also into many other parts (as may be seen in the law, Servum de hoeredibus, Inst. Lib. xiii. Pandect,) viz. uncia, 1 ounce; sextans, 2 ounces; quodrans, 3 ounces; triens, 4 ounces quincunx, 5 ounces; semis, 6 ounces; septunx, 7 ounces; bes, 8 ounces, dodrans, 9 ounces; dextans, 10 ounces; deunx, 11 ounces.
     2. From this primitive and proper sense of the word another was derived: that namely of the totality of a thing, Solidum quid. Thus as signified the whole of an inheritance, so that an heir ex asse, was an heir of the whole inheritance. An heir ex triente, ex semisse, ex besse, or ex deunce, was an heir of one-third, one-half, two-thirds, or eleven-twelfths.

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I see that asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis seems quite safe in ROPAC, but I still consider severe aortic stenosis one of the truly dangerous problems in pregnancy.
The effect of aortic valve replacement on quality of life in symptomatic patients with severe aortic stenosis.
Treatment of calcific aortic stenosis with the percutaneous heart valve: mid-term follow-up from the initial feasibility studies: the French experience.
The 31mm CoreValve size allows us to provide a life-saving treatment option for more patients with severe aortic stenosis," said Dr Al Nooryani.
TAVI provides a highly specialised alternative to traditional methods of replacing a surgical valve for aortic stenosis.
In the case of aortic stenosis, the catastrophic life-threatening event can emanate from surgical trauma (which can inflict short- and long-term side-effects) and anti-coagulant drugs like warfarin5-8 that will slowly poison a person to death if not used properly.
In the preceding month he had undergone TAVI for severe symptomatic aortic stenosis (as he had been considered an unacceptable risk for open aortic valve replacement).
Chieko Tsuji, a patient from the town of Imadate, Fukui Prefecture, who had aortic stenosis, was fitted May 30 with the artificial valve, becoming the world's oldest person to undergo a successful operation of the kind, said team leader Kuniyoshi Tanaka, a professor at the university and a cardiovascular expert.
The average age for patients diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis is 70 years.
Aortic stenosis is a serious condition that occurs when the heart's aortic valve narrows, obstructing blood flow from the heart to the aorta, which can severely weaken the heart muscle.
Medtronic plc revealed new one-year clinical data showing that transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with the self-expanding CoreValve System offers advantages in survival and safety compared to surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) in high risk aortic stenosis patients who have previously undergone coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery.