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But what began as a small source of strain, with some Jewish communal leaders fearing that outspoken opposition to apartheid would jeopardize the well-being of the largely quiescent South African Jewish community, transformed into a much bigger dilemma.
The country was beset by ethnic and regional conflicts, emanating from the white minority and the various ethnically defined homelands that the apartheid government had created.
In 1948, the national party of the European residents won in questionable elections and it adopted the policy of apartheid and applied it in all walks of life to establish a regime that was known as the regime of "Apartheid".
Abraham includes the Palestinians as players in a complex historical conflict where they often have no voice, while Field discusses the application of oral history to address the impact of apartheid on displaced Capetown communities.
campaign, which seeks to bring an end to Israel's apartheid policies and
In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for an international campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) to demand an end to Israel's occupation of Palestine and its apartheid policies that discriminate against Palestinians, echoing the anti-apartheid campaigns against white minority rule in apartheid era South Africa.
In the years following World War II and the Holocaust, Jewish leaders around the world stressed the need for unity and shared purpose, and while many American Jews saw the fight against apartheid as a natural extension of their Civil Rights activism, others worried that such critiques would threaten Jewish solidarity and diminish Zionist loyalties.
These ads show what Israel's occupation and apartheid really look like," commented Richard Colbath-Hess, co-founder of Ads Against Apartheid and a Jewish-American faculty member at the University of Massachusetts.
That's all Kerry was saying: if you don't accept the two-state solution then willy-nilly you get the one-state solution, in one of two flavours - an apartheid state in which the great majority of the actual citizens are Jews and the Palestinians have no voice in how they are ruled, or a more broadly defined state in which everybody is a citizen but Jews are no longer the majority.
html) The Daily Beast reported that Kerry had told a room full of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting on Friday that if there is no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming an apartheid state.
Among the African-Americans who acted as agents for the apartheid state was William Keyes, a black conservative who had worked for the Reagan administration, and Rev Gilbert Caldwell, who had marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960s.
Singling out the anti-apartheid movement for praise, he thanked those who had picketed South Africa House, the South African High Commission in London during the apartheid years and those who had supported a "long haired" Mr Hain in his battle to boycott South African sport in the 1970s.