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The post England fans apathetic about team, says Scotland's Snodgrass appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
It is not merely staying quite over an issue of social political or cultural relevance, instead it involves being apathetic to the gory occurrences marring the status quo, altering the moral, social demographics of a state.
Clinical assessment of the apathetic colleague is easy; this person slumps, acts (and looks) bored, is impatient, agrees without checking, cuts corners, and derails constructive conversation.
e other is loved by its city's populace but the local authority is so apathetic it has been kept out of sight in storage for the past few years.
The researchers have now identified another boredom subtype, namely apathetic boredom, an especially unpleasant form that resembles learned helplessness or depression.
To be apathetic is literally to be without passion," wrote Erwin Raphael McManus in Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul.
It's about time students today stopped being so apathetic and starting taking a stand for what they believe in.
For apathetic or well-informed Oregonians, voting yes on Measure 55 is a no-brainer.
The Apathetic and The Defiant: Case Studies of Canadian Mutiny and Disobedience, 1812-1919" is a comprehensive guide of all reported occurrences of Canadian military wrong doing from the War of 1812 to the tail end of World War I, where there triumphs and victories had pushed these black sheep into the background.
I AM astonished as to how some of my fellow Evertonians can be so apathetic about moving to Kirkby.
Is it really any wonder that people have become disillusioned and apathetic toward politics in general and Labour politicians in particular?
He added: "Because I am politically apathetic I wouldn't have been interested if it was a heavy political piece.