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His people presented him with one but he apathetically stepped back.
The main argument is that shareholders tend to be risk neutral and apathetically reliant on managers to protect their investments when a firm presents strongly dispersed ownership.
We are a young nation lacking revolutionary precedents like France's 1789 Revolution and Britain's Cromwellian rout of royalty that bred the right into the individual to vote fearlessly according to their conscience and not simply follow party lines or apathetically abstain.
Similarly, motivation in taking local issue in sympathetically and the West discourse apathetically is necessary to make the mission success.
Nonetheless, the world couldn't afford to watch apathetically this irresponsible deviation.
Then, I was apathetically sent back to the waiting area.
Unlike the actors in the orgy, whose heads are thrown back in staged moments of pleasure, he looks directly and apathetically into the camera while he receives a blow job from an actor whose profile is only just visible at the bottom of the cropped still.
For them, this is a way of life, an event that is internalized much the same way many of us apathetically react to watching a violent television show or movie.
The only Company communication that could remotely be considered a response was at best apathetically insufficient, and at worst, an intentional avoidance of the issues, in the form of a sheepish and misleading 8K filed with the SEC on February 25, 2013.
In Sri Lanka while there is a public acknowledgement of the existence of widespread lawlessness involving particularly shocking offenses against women, the public itself reacts to these events apathetically," ARHC said.
Jimmy's sense of deprivation at being at the receiving end of what he perceived as imperfect mothering and the confusion and anxiety engendered in him by his intuitive insight into her depression are brought out by the episode remembered--that of her mother apathetically issuing out directives to him about fixing his own lunch.
How can two windbags (US and Israel) swagger in front of the rest of the world as 191 other United Nations members sit apathetically under the control of these two internationally dictatorial regimes?