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lamellosa grow a thicker shell with minimal shell sculpture and better developed apertural teeth (Appleton and Palmer, 1988).
austricad'Orbigny due to the presence of more elongate test the less inflated chambers in presence of apertural neck and absence of bifid tooth.
En la mayoria de los granos, los colpos preservan la membrana apertural con escasos granulos de [+ or -] 0,1 [micro]m de alto.
Margo formando pliegue apertural de aproximadamente 1 [micron]m, recto y claramente saliente.
Western Division occurrences often have only 6-7 apertural lamellae and are deep reddish-brown.
Sanders's literary journal, Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts, carried as its motto, "Total Assault on the Culture"; the publication was dedicated to "pacifism, unilateral disarmament, national defense through nonviolent resistance, multilateral indiscriminate apertural conjugation, anarchism, world federalism, obstructors & submarine boarders, and all those groped by J.
In addition, both species of Nucella grow smaller apertures and larger apertural teeth under these conditions (Appleton and Palmer 1988, Palmer 1990).
The remaining animals were marked on the outer apertural lip using nontoxic enamel paint (Humbrol or Taubmans Fiddly Bits), so that growth could be measured.