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Oldroyd (1980)--Catalogued the Afrotropical Ancylorhynchus species listing 25 valid names and two synonyms as follows: braunsi, cruciger, crux (with apicalis and splendens as synonyms), elbaiensis, fulvicollis, funebris, humeralis, hylaeiformis, insignis, maculatus, magnificus, munroi, nomadus, nyukinus, oldroydi, pretoriensis, prunus, quadrimaculatus, reynaudii, striatus, susurrus, tricolor, unifasciatus, variegatus, zonalis.
Ancylorrhynchus apicalis Curran, 1934: 7; Hull 1960: 217; Oldroyd 1974: 33.
Use of conifer volatiles to reduce injury caused by carrot psyllid, Trioza apicalis, Forster (Homop tera, Psylloidea).
Two similar but evidently distinct species are Kermia apicalis (Montrouzier in Souverbie, 1861) and Kermia daedalea (Garrett, 1873).
Arboridia apicalis is polyphagous on various deciduous trees and vines: Acer sp.
Problemas apontados por estudos morfologicos, ecologicos e citogeneticos no genero Pachycondyla na Regiao Neotropical: o caso do complexo apicalis, pp.