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cuneate basally, acuminate apically, margins entire, the median ones
Antenna with scape and pedicel brownish yellow, flagellum brown basally to blackish apically.
Dorsum covered with dense, long setae; antennal segment II entirely dark brown, without any pale annulation apically (Fig.
20): Setae h1 situated near anterior margin of gnathosoma on small protuberances, smooth and needle-like (ca 30 [micro]m), h2 short (ca 18 [micro]m) and marginally serrate, h3 long (ca 38 [micro]m), basally serrate and apically smooth, h4 long (ca 23 [micro]m) and marginally serrate.
DiscussioN: The systematic position of the genus remains unclear due to its peculiar morphological features, first of all the characteristically toothed claws, and fleshy, apically spatulate parempodia (Fig.
28-32): syntergosternite semicircular, epandrium broad; surstylus with 2 long and furcated apical processes (the lower one slightly wider than the upper one) and narrow distance between apical part of 2 processes in ventral view; hypandrium with narrow lateral arms in lateral view; pregonites and postgonites each in form of a pair of asymmetrical subuliform processes; phallus with a trapeziform sclerite, round apically in ventral view; phallapodeme shorter than phallus, curved basally in ventral view (there are slight differences in angle of pregonites versus postgonites, and length of phallapodeme among specimens).
Remarks: In Podochresimus capensis (Porat, 1893) one gonopod tibiotarsal branch is also shield-like and apically bilobed (Attems 1928, fig.
Fore tibia thickened; apically with 3 thin setae (1 posterior seta long).