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I told him that we would give him a price for the stones he held--1000 pounds apiece.
Furthermore, to each of the ten that last shot I give one of these golden shafts apiece.
It's not for me to boast of any family with which I have the honour to be connected; at the same time, Mrs Kenwigs's is--I should say,' said Mr Kenwigs, abruptly, and raising his voice as he spoke, 'that my children might come into a matter of a hundred pound apiece, perhaps.
There are some relations of Mrs Kenwigs's,' said Mr Kenwigs, taking a pinch of snuff from the doctor's box, and then sneezing very hard, for he wasn't used to it, 'that might leave their hundred pound apiece to ten people, and yet not go begging when they had done it.
Certain cannon-shots in the Federal war cost one thousand dollars apiece.
But on our beam-ends we are; we would do a good deal for a thousand pounds apiece, eh, Bunny?
Travis Gray and Kaden Lipkin scored three goals apiece for Willamette.
Based on that figure, the workers could have received more than $100,000 apiece if they prevailed at trial.
He scored his 17 league goals at 118 minutes apiece in 2012/13.
General admission weekly tickets cost $35 apiece, and general admission daily tickets cost $15 apiece.
The share price lays at the lower end of the previously announced price range of EUR 45 apiece to EUR 55 apiece.
But Willenhall Wanderers remain just a point behind after two goals apiece from Lewis Clarke and Paul Govier put them on course for a 5-2 win at Manhattan Rangers while Blacksmith's Arms made it three from three as they tamed Stoneleigh Reserves 4-1.