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For example, Poets (2004) found in a study of apnea monitor downloads of infants who died on the apnea monitor that bradycardia alarms and a gasping breath movement indicating hypoxemia were the only indication something was occurring.
1) In industrialized countries, many of these infants are discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with home apnea monitors, (1) which alert caregivers to episodes of apnea and bradycardia, while also capturing and storing data surrounding significant events for later analysis.
Health professionals who prescribe and supervise the use of infant apnea monitors and parents using a monitor should obtain a copy of the safety alert letter discussing the proper use of infant apnea monitors.
The Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) has set standards for infant apnea monitors in response to past problems dealing with both equipment performance and the proper use of this equipment in the home setting.
There are clearly downsides to apnea monitors and the added stress they place on parents.
The infant apnea monitors affected by this recall have been distributed in the United States and Canada.
Pediatric Special Care provides private duty nursing services and a range of high-tech medical equipment, including apnea monitors, to patients throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.
The connected medical devices segment comprises blood glucose meters, ECG monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters, neurological monitoring devices, sleep apnea monitors, multiparameter trackers, and others.
8 weeks) were placed on apnea monitors for 12 hours prior to cobedding and another 12 hours during cobedding (Clin.
The global remote patient monitoring devices market segmentation is based on device types (Heart Monitors, ECG, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, fetal heart monitors, breath monitors, respiration rate monitors, spirometers, sleep apnea monitors, physical activity monitors, activity level monitors, weight monitors, hematology monitors, blood glucose monitors, prothrombin time monitors, multi-sign monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, body temperature monitors), End users (home healthcare, ambulatory care center).
The global self-care medical devices market segmentation is based on device types (Blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, body temperature monitors, heart rate monitors, pregnancy, fertility test kits, sleep apnea monitors, nebulizers, pedometers).
Keywords: patient monitoring, Multi-parameter vital sign monitors, Intra-cranial pressure monitors and consumable,, Electromyogram devices and consumables, Electroencephalogram monitors, Sleep apnea monitors, Cerebral oximeter monitors and consumables, Fetal and neonatal monitoring, telehealth, home health, telemetry