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The apodoses of Venus omens feature a range of concerns.
Ideally, I would like to present a detailed statistical analysis of the omens cited for application in the reports to Esarhaddon, with a breakdown including the percentage of positive/negative apodoses correlated with particular celestial diviners and the diviners' respective physical loci.
It is similar to -mi in that it is a clitic, but -man is much more limited than -mi, and in most cases it simply marks gumma protases and the apodoses of counterfactual conditionals.
Apodoses with nondeclarative sentence structure are typically not permissible in como conditionals, as the following examples illustrate:
The first question is: can a specific scholarly text be identified by its apodoses when they are compared diachronically?
Chapter 3 also discusses the relationship between protases and apodoses.
128: There is no doubt that extispicy was frequently used to obtain only a positive or negative answer to a question; on the other hand, many liver omens give apodoses describing future events, not just yes-or-no answers.
Protases provide the organizing principle, but there should also be a discussion of coordination versus apposition in apodoses.
This indicates rather persuasively that while 'empiricism was a factor in the formation of omen protases it does not always come into play in the decision to associate certain apodoses with certain protases.
Tablet 23 (24) deals with the appearance of the sun at sunrise at the beginning of the month; all the apodoses contain eclipses of the sun.
It is also used for reference to the future in apodoses, but only when introduced by the conjunction u (vol.
Such incomplete nominal sentences occur most commonly, however, in the apodoses of conditional sentences, such as we have in 101:9.