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This tripartite distinction is supplemented by "metalinguistic conditionals" (4) as a fourth category (see Dancygier 1998: 93-109), in which the protasis expresses a comment on some aspect of the choice of words in the apodosis.
Crop production and rainfall = Apodosis types 1-5, 9, 13, 16, 17, 23-27 (omens nos.
534, noted in #2355 that "[i]n addition to the ordinary forms of correspondence between protasis and apodosis .
The protasis domain consists of IPARRAS forms, and the apodosis of PRECATIVE or IMPERATIVE froms.
a reaction, which can be linguistic, such as answering the question or adding an apodosis (=jawdb al-shart), or physical, such as obeying the command or fulfilling the expressed wish.
4 at the beginning of the apodosis of this law, can have this particular connotation--namely, the hearing of testimony by the presiding judges--and no other connotation seems as apt for this context.
preceding protasis connective apodosis meaning directive (optional) iparras -ma (in iparras prospective iprus variation) paris condition; paris with nil non-verbal iprus in the marking clause protasis= indicated by liprus lu (ilnguistic) ('[right arrow]') iparras perfect etc.
122); "then" introducing the apodosis following a "since"-clause; "admits to the possibility that"; lack of number concord ("the reduplicated forms are all active .
temporality, the apodosis too is best viewed as a sequential clause
The texts differ from iqqur ipus, which is similar to divination texts in having a protasis and an apodosis, whereas these have designations as favorable or unfavorable.
inuma is used as a subordinating conjunction introducing substantival clauses in TT 2: 5 and 17; u introduces result, apodosis, and substantival clauses in TT 2: 7, 11, 14, and 20.