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This relation between humans and God' which lies at the basis of every religion, was further framed in the apologetic textbooks within a classical Christian doctrine of creation and grace; I will highlight only the most important elements relevant to my thesis.
Baldini, who was banned from the dug-out for five games and fined pounds 10,000, was apologetic - up to a point.
These include passions for truth, holiness, people, communication, positive judgment of Christian friends, success in academic work, and enjoying apologetic endeavors.
Ambassador Christopher Dell, who had inadvertently strayed into a restricted area of the National Botanical Gardens near Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's home, Army spokesman George Charamba was hardly apologetic.
D'Aubigne, Osieja's prime example of a French Protestant writer, engaged not only in the production of apologetic literature, but also spent many years as a soldier resolutely defending his religious faith on the battlefield.
The owner was so apologetic but Courteney just gave him a look and told him, "Next time, keep that thing on a leash.
The most recent addition to the Contraversions: Jews and Other Differences series and a revision of the author's Harvard Divinity School dissertation, this volume focuses on two apologetic first-century texts--Josephus's Antiquities of the Jews and the New Testament book of Acts--to explore the rhetoric and reality of "women's involvement in missionary religions of antiquity" (5).
It is a valuable contribution to the apologetic task of theology in a post-Christian context.
It's said that the mantle of architectural fame always rests with the shapemakers, the form-givers and Jencks' eagerness to chart this becomes obvious when he tries to embrace both Foster's apologetic ambiguity and Liebskind's soundbite symbolism.
Anglican pastor and theologian Bridger has written an accessible and thoughtful apologetic that encourages a Christian reading of J.
Its main purpose, despite forays into history and philosophy of religion, is apologetic.