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I didn't mean as I thought so," said the husband, apologetically, "but I said it was what the jeweller might think, and so he wouldn't be offering much money for 'em.
I oughtn't to have done it," said Lady Conant apologetically, "but there has been no one at Pardons for so long that you'll forgive my poaching.
The land is full of beggars,' he began, half apologetically.
Then, coming out, he would remark apologetically, "It was only a small kettle, my dear.
You see it's his only hobby," observed Harker, apologetically, "and, after all, it's his own house; and he's very hospitable in other ways.
Well," replied the Reverend Brown apologetically, "not to put too fine a point on it, I think he is laughing at you.
The fire must be 'most out," Frome said, glancing about him apologetically as he followed me in.
My wife, sir,' he said, apologetically, but with pride.
It seems a little thing to cry about," said poor Miss Jellyby apologetically, "but I am quite worn out.
The Frenchman began to back away, suspicious of the ominous vigor of the last order--began to back away, shrugging his shoulders and spreading his hands apologetically.
With smiling ease, apologetically, Weeks tore to pieces all that Hayward had said; with elaborate civility he displayed the superficiality of his attainments.
You must please excuse me," he went on apologetically.