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At a more material level, the Laudian restitution of the resources, ceremonies, and fabric of the church is linked by apologists and critics alike to the high cultural style of ancient epic so that the Caroline church heroic is as much a matter of beauty as it is of virtue.
As an apologist for the menace of Sellafield he is expected to fight its corner.
An outspoken apologist for the Soviet-supported African National Congress (ANC) terrorist group in the 1970s and 1980s, Tutu continues to shill for the now-ruling ANC even as it turns South Africa into a cesspool of violence and corruption.
While he is careful to insist that Shakespeare certainly became no mere apologist for the crown, Kernan does focus on the court-oriented issues that loom large in some major plays from 1603 to 1613: the "right of due descent" (32) in Hamlet, the King's prerogative and the law in Measure for Measure, Jesuitical equivocation and royal fascination with witchcraft in Macbeth, the "theory of the absolute, unlimited authority of a king over his subjects" (93) in King Lear, corrupt styles of life and sexual power struggles at court in Antony and Cleopatra, militant values and confrontation in Coriolanus, state marriages and interest in the New World in The Tempest.
Hayden was initially suspicious that Fleming, a Riordan ally, would be an apologist for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, whose board the mayor chairs.
And, risking a mix-and-match of terms that will no doubt offend parties with a more grounded historical understanding, I felt as if I had entered a stage set - precisely the sort of theatrical scenario that the greatest proponent of and apologist for this art famously disdained.
The claim that Shakespeare was an apologist for the monarchy, especially the Jacobean monarchy, has been recognized as doubtful for some time; at the very least, studies such as Hamilton's will discourage interpretations of the politics of Shakespeare's plays that neglect a careful review of relevant evidence.
Nor am I a sky's-the-limit budgeting apologist for rapid transit.
Boyle then states that the "notion that human art contradicts, obstructs, or rivals the love of God is perverse" (3); counter to such perverse constructions of Christian thought, Boyle, sounding perilously like an apologist for Christianity, informs us that the "authentic experience of God in the Judeo-Christian traditions is not the negation but the fulfillment of human nature," and that "although an antagonistic dualism between human and divine creations recurs in Christian culture, dualism has consistently been refuted, as in the ecclesiastical condemnation of the Manichaean and Albigensian heresies" (3).
An NBA apologist could point out there's a difference between canceling the end of the baseball regular season and the World Series and canceling the start of the pro basketball season.
Baca has to become less of an apologist for the department,'' Taylor said.
Last but not least, how sad it is when the vice president of the United States goes to a foreign conference and acts as an apologist for the fact that his country is the most prosperous on the planet.