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Converts and switchers, however, were more likely to have played pretend, and apostates were the most likely to have done so.
en_US/characters/elves/solas) Official background story describes Solas as an apostate living in the wilderness away from the civilised world and Templars who would shackle him for being a mage.
Dans les mots de chef du secteur Factional, Samia Ahmed Mohamed , le PCN a souligne que la loi Soudanaise est derive de l'heritage de la loi britannique, ajoutant que la famille de la jeune fille apostate etait le plaignant dans ce cas d'apostasie et que le gouvernement n'a rien a avoir avec cette affaire .
Insulting the Prophet's household is harem [forbidden] and those who intentionally insult it should know that such action is an offense and that he is an apostate," Alavi-Gorgani said in a response to a question about Najafi's song.
Later, there was a short-lived reprieve from Church oppression during the 20-month reign of the pagan Roman emperor Julian the Apostate (361 C.
In truth you knew he was yours to teach, to guide, to know as spirit over the child flesh, to accept the way we knew each other in worlds before this, before the shadow made you an apostate, a rogue disciple, and pine rushes taught you lies are truth and truth are lies, the killing space of saints.
Now, in sending an apostate back to Pakistan, Sweden is failing its own stated ideals.
Anyone who defects or refuses to take up arms is an apostate .
They conclude not only that religion was an important factor in Twain's life but also that the popular conception of Twain as agnostic, atheist, or apostate is simply wrong.
However, many others have said that Gaddafi is an illegitimate ruler and have denounced him as an apostate.
By AZHAR MASOOD | ARAB NEWSAccording to The Associated Press Qadri told the court he didn't regret gunning the politician down because he killed "an apostate," lawyers said.
This was a quick and easy way out of the problem, because everyone knew that once he was released in Afghanistan, Rahman would have been murdered, likely by his family, and under Islamic law there is no liability for killing an apostate.