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Witnesses believe that toddlers and even infants are equally culpable with their parents, a teaching they base on that ever-loving book, the Bible, and hence see no reason to associate with the condemned children of apostatized parents.
Widely regarded as one of the prime literary works about the Christian faith along with Graham Greene's "The Power and the Glory," "Silence" is based on a true story of a Jesuit missionary who goes on a mission to locate his mentor in seventh century Japan, during a large wave of Christian persecution, after learning that he's apostatized.
The Mahometans, who own but one true God, at first borrowed the notion from the scriptures: for the first Mahometans had been educated in the Christian religion, and apostatized from it" (p.
Yet there I was, writing his editor, Judith Jones, to request the proof pages of his final book, Endpoint, before its publication, so that I could mine it for evidence that Updike had not apostatized.
The Jarudiyya, (36) on the other hand, restricted religious knowledge to the family of the Prophet and apostatized those Companions who had supported Abu Bakr and 'Umar's claim at the expense of 'Ali.
Andrew's Day sermon provides evidence for Eamon Duffy's defense of the cardinal's record--not only as an outspoken advocate for the importance of preaching, but also as a hard-nosed realist confronting an entire population of apostatized Londoners.
Even if at the time of the marriage to her first husband, his brother was a practicing Jew and later apostatized, we say retroactively (after the husband has died) "with this understanding," that in the future she would have to be betrothed to an apostate, she would not have betrothed herself" at the outset to her first husband.