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Under the changes to the Law on Higher Education, the diplomas from abroad are required to have an apostil print.
The 2001 Italian reedition of the book contains an apostil that reorients its scope in the direction taken by Agamben's project from the publication of Homo sacer onward; or, rather, it emphasizes some of its traits that were, in the first edition, "but a hypothesis" (CV, 92) and confers them the more accentuated messianic overtones of the later work.
To different parts of the populous street, in different small studies around the city, the writing of Bosman and Abrahams is variously unknown, forgotten, remembered, memorable; an apostil in the margins, or ambitiously re-collected for literary history.
However, in court cases against the Committees, the court ruled that foreign documents without an apostil are eligible and thus the public administration paid the costs once again.