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In his concluding remarks, the apostolic delegate called brief attention to two more areas of concern that the bishops would have to follow up on: "There are other problems either near or far on the horizon.
32) In a 1933 letter to the Apostolic Delegate O'Leary declared:
As the war drew to a close in 1945, Hughes was confirmed in his position as apostolic delegate and ordained bishop, but Egypt now sought full diplomatic relations with the Vatican, the first Muslim-majority state to do so.
The situation came to an open fight between the apostolic delegate, who protested in the name of Boris's duties in this matter, and the Bulgarian press, which supported the orthodox character of the Tsar's family.
As a matter of formality Cardinal Gilroy, through the Apostolic Delegate, Monsignor P.
44) In response to inquiries made by the Apostolic Delegate, Andrea Cassulo, about this incident, Archbishop McGuigan contended his actions were intended to remove the Church from the political arena and reiterated his position that the Church's only objective in this regard was to teach Catholic social doctrine.
26] When he explained the idea to the Apostolic Delegate for conveyance to Pius XII, Temple "got a feeling that it would make a great difference if the suggestion could appear to emanate from the Vatican rather than the Vatican should act upon a public request from outside.
Also attending the discussions was head of the Vatican mission to Kuwait, the Apostolic Delegate to the Arabian Peninsula, Archbishop Petar Rajic.
At the end of June 1969, Shannon, Archbishops Leo Binz and Leo Byrne--his superiors in Minnesota--and the apostolic delegate met in Washington.
In making this choice it could conduct an investigation through the apostolic delegate concerning candidates for that office, a list of whom it would have received within the previous two years from the province to which that diocese belonged.
Senior Palestinian officials met with the Apostolic delegate in Jerusalem to discuss this issue and it was decided after the meeting that a ranking delegation, headed by the prime minister, the foreign minister and chief negotiator in the PLO, along with other senior officials, will travel to the Vatican to get clarification about the projected agreement.
On 18 May 2002, Pope John Paul II appointed him Titular Archbishop of Sagona and Apostolic Nuncio to Sudan and Apostolic Delegate to Somalia.