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It abounds in apothegms and compressed thoughts that cleave to the memory.
124) Eyre Crowe ruefully noted Wilhelm's proclivity towards "Imperial apothegms," and Grey's private secretary, William Tyrrell, spoke for many in the diplomatic service when he summed up the Kaiser as "a man of words -- a truly modern Emperor: in fact the Winston of Germany.
147) and such apothegms as "Who writes well writes what he will; who writes ill writes what he must" (p.
The collections of short stories, maxims, and apothegms here presented do not read as written documents but as spoken exchanges abounding in dynamism and conversational energy.
Some prosaic apothegms, traditionally associated with one or another of the sages, include: "Measure is best" (Cleobulus), "Know thyself" (Chilo), and "Nothing too much" (Solon), appeared on the wall at Delphi; "Hesiod might as well have kept his breath to cool his pottage" (Periander); "Every one of you hath his particular plague, and my wife is mine; and he is very happy who hath this only" (Pittacus); "Power reveals the man" (Bias); "Poets tell m any lies" (Solon); "Until he is dead, do not yet call a man happy, but only lucky" (Solon).
The book is so full of brilliant insights and apothegms that I used up almost an entire sheaf of Post-its while reading it and this brief review can do no more than whet your appetite for perhaps the most interesting book about software you'll ever read.
Anglo-American jurisprudence is filled with apothegms.
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Gladstone, the generaliser, the systematiser, the drawer of fine distinctions, controls the whole essay and marks it with characteristic apothegms, as for example "truth depends above all on proportion and relation.
Apothegms formulating the power of money as the ability to reverse right and wrong occur in a number of places in Middle English, but far from celebrating or impartially observing the influence of money, they invariably deplore it.
I contend that Patmore shortly before and after his conversion to Catholicism grapples with the legacy of the great Jansenist Catholic writer, Blaise Pascal, whose Pensees we know Patmore read2 and which he conspicuously imitated in his late collection of apothegms, "The Aurea Dicta," from The Rod, The Root, and The Flower (1895).
See also the treatment of the sententious Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, whose moral apothegms may be "true," but are inadequate to cope with the irruption of events and "rude" human nature in the play, an irony remarked upon by G.