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I lost at a summary judgment hearing and dependent was awarded monetary judgment. I need to appeal but understand that I must put up a bond to do so. I have spent all money I have to fight this wrongful foreclosure - no bond money...Eviction is in two days - HELP! Feel I can win appeal. Have owned home for many years - will bankruptcy stop eviction and set aside bond so I can file appeal?


Bankruptcy will delay it and that may help--but will not stop foreclosure completely; you can still file/sue after they foreclose if need be--
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The state had argued Johnson should not get time credit because he was not in the custody of a correctional facility as stated in the Maryland Criminal Procedure Article while at home on a $25,000 appeal bond.
amp;nbsp;Johnson was out on appeal bond for five years before the Court ruled.
If filing an appeal bond will be conduct in accordance with the provisions of GEO 34/2006 271 index updated one.
Taia appeared before a disciplinary tribunal again this evening to contest the severity of the suspension, but after taking all submissions into consideration, the committee deemed the original sanction of a three-match ban appropriate and ordered the forfeit of a PS200 appeal bond.
045(4) to "enter orders necessary to protect" the judgment creditor, require the posting of the appeal bond after all, and impose sanctions:
If a final judgment remains unpaid for 30 days, the judgment creditor would have a choice of collecting on the appeal bond posted in their case, or having the stay against the appellant lifted.
An appeal bond (sometimes called a supersedeas bond) is the most common form of security.
Stratagene plans to post an appeal bond, which requires cash to be set aside for the judgment award.
The Appeal Bond Waiver Act would reduce the appeal bond for multimillion- and billion-dollar verdicts against defendants to $1 million, or $100,000 if the defendant is a small business.
1 billion to the plaintiffs last March, Judge Byron called for an appeal bond of $12 billion.
Before trying a potentially significant punitive damage claim, steps should also be taken to ensure that an appeal bond would be posted if an adverse verdict were rendered.