appearing at intervals

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Each special event ticket includes a guaranteed seat on your first departure from Kidderminster or Bridgnorth, entry into The Engine House at Highley where Chase and Skye will be appearing at intervals and a chance to see a magic show.
The Sioux legend of the cursed teeth is compelling, appearing at intervals in the story; however, it feels somewhat forced and clumsily integrated.
The cheeky little piggy will be appearing at intervals throughout the day to see the safari park's younger guests - don't forget to bring your cameras
Tickets are also now on sale for Peppa Pig & George Visit on Sunday, May 8, when visitors can enjoy a steam train journey along the line to meet Peppa and George who will be appearing at intervals at The Engine House Visitor Centre at Highley.
Raymond Briggs' The Snowman will be at the Forum Shopping Centre in Wallsend, appearing at intervals throughout Saturday between 10am and 4pm, and town centre shoppers can pop by to say hello.
When a Turkish family sits down to a meal, the dishes keep appearing at intervals, so cold dishes are brought on to start then remain on the table to pick at while fish or meat or both follow on.
Here we have extracts from all manner of Vivaldi works, orchestral, religious, and even an overture to nod towards his operas, with all four movements of the Four Seasons appearing at intervals to prop up the edifice.
The famous character will be appearing at intervals throughout the day on Saturday (August 8).
30pm, and Norman Price will be appearing at intervals throughout the day.