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so that through Captain Peleg's obstinate mistake touching his appellative, it stood something like this:--
Although her presentation of the submissive Uncle Tom has devolved into a negative stereotype and a derogatory appellative, a careful examination of Uncle Tom's subjectivity in the last part of the narrative shows a balancing of his Christian submissiveness with a stubborn refusal to violate his principles, an assertion of his subjectivity, and a concerted, effective resistance to Simon Legree.
He describes the "Copernican revolution" when the undetermined appellative 'elohim was employed as a name: "God.
The etymology of the appellative salaputium remains obscure but it most likely derives from the combination salax + putium (= putus) 'lecherous little boy'.
Denn Benoist setzt zur Vermittlung seines Dogmas--also: Kriegfuhrung beruhe auf naturlichem Hang--lediglich eine appellative Vermutung ein--eben: "Wir durfen trotzdem annehmen.
He claims that the three gods 'Uuodan', 'balder', and 'Friia' are identifiable from Scandinavian mythology, but to turn in that direction is justifiable only in the case of balder, and even then only if we are prepared to see in this the name of a god, rather than an appellative.
Drummond seems to have in mind a certain appellative tendency within
The context speaks about men who fled from sin and had the divine appellative added to their names, easily demonstrated by Joseph (called "Jehoseph" is Ps.
The conventions of reading may diminish, but evidently cannot entirely extinguish, the appellative power of the second-person pronoun.
Other gods were identified with him by being given the appellative sem-Ba'al or pan-Ba'al (Phoenician Tanit pan-Ba'al; Ugaritic Athrat pan-Ba'al).
In die Studie wurden jedoch nur die lettischen Personennamen einbezogen, die in der Sprache eine appellative Entsprechung haben und bei denen sich der Autor sicher ist, dass dieser Personennamen uber eine ursprungliche (etymologische) Quelle verfugt.
An appeal aginst the SCC's decision can be lodged in Sofia Appellative Court.