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While they might agree email appending follows the "letter of the law," it violates the practical intent, i.
Appending missing data such as phone, fax, license numbers and more
Email appending is a process of adding email addresses to a customer's list which has only names & postal addresses.
s Opt-In Email Appending service is an attractive extra layer of security for those businesses who have been burned before by SPAM complaints or for companies interested only in a finely honed emailing list.
We would not have moved forward with e-mail appending if we weren't confident that our clients were in good hands with TowerData - when it comes to brand image, there's just too much at stake.
RelationServe Media believes that it has the industry's largest and most accurate database for appending and enhancing customer database records with information on more than 85 million opt-in consumers.
Organizations that took advantage of the offer of no-cost email appending and patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) solutions for their member databases included the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Volunteers of America, and Save the Children.
However, with data appending, marketers can ask a minimum number of questions on a registration form and let the appending process fill in the gaps with address and even demographic information.
From our patented ECOA (Email Change of Address) to our multi-sourced Email Appending services, FreshAddress has always been at the cutting edge of enhancing our clients' customer databases.
a leading email services provider, released the industry's first benchmark data on email appending and ECOA (Email Change of Address) solutions.
DQWS is a unique data-entry verification service capable of validating and correcting postal addresses, updating phone area codes, parsing names and appending gender, and spotting fraudulent entries such as vulgar words.