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The global representation is what Brook calls the "representational base" for apperceptive self-awareness.
In other words, here an apperceptive variation becomes a methodological strategy for opening up the very field of research of the investigation in question (30).
Motivation is due to the novelty of the system, but also because the learner is cognitively confronted with problems together with additional data under way that allow for differences in learning abilities, promote agreement and disagreement and prepare for apperceptive knowledge in the classroom.
A successful training program first must take into consideration some established principles of learning and recognize the student's apperceptive base: "The student's past training and experience and his ability to integrate these with his new learning and experiences will materially affect his learning rate.
apperceptive apparatus--changes that are experienced on an
If one normally begins with the first edition of a text, considering that as the text's purest state, one should remember, at the same time, the apperceptive background of the text, as it moves forward and backward from one country where Haitians live to another.
At this moment of apperceptive tension, in an ironic and powerful fusion of the poetic and the religious, silence enters to mark the poet's fallenness, her distance from God's harmonious works.