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Seamless integration with the easy-to-use Applicability feature on theRegScan One platform makes this advanced feature a must-have for anyone managing compliance at multiple global facilities.
Order contract for energy recovery system development and testing of applicability.
As a result of EPA's applicability determination, CISWI standards do not apply to thermal sand reclamation units.
According to the terms of the agreement, the two firms would conduct study to evaluate and applicability of beauty products intended for export to the Kingdom's markets.
His insight into high-tech ecosystems has been commended by major private and public entities for its integral applicability and concrete business results," Milhem added.
The applicability of this ruling may be limited, as the lessons were intended specifically to help alleviate a physical deformity.
This law may surprise many practitioners in its broad applicability as it affects legitimate, common transactions in some very powerful ways.
The final rule contains additional changes to clarify the applicability of the rule and the requirements for market research before soliciting offers for acquisitions that could lead to a consolidation of contract requirements.
The case law is far from uniform on the applicability of the common interest doctrine to communications among insurers and their reinsurers.
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM; Westchester, IL) has begun the publication of "Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine," a new quarterly title that publishes papers with an emphasis on the direct applicability and/or relevance to the clinical practice of sleep medicine.
Furthermore, questions have been raised about the applicability of many career theories and interventions to diverse segments of the population (based on gender, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability status) that were not included in the development of these theories or interventions (Arbona, 1996; Curnow, 1989; Fitzgerald & Betz, 1994; Leong, 1996; Pope, 1995; Szymanski, Enright, Hershenson, & Ettinger, 2003).
Going forward, Calpis will proceed with research on L-92 regarding applicability to various allergic symptoms including atopic dermatitis.