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Such amendments, as described in the Consent Solicitation Statement are referred to herein as the "2018 Notes Proposed Amendments" and the "2020 Notes Proposed Amendments," as applicable, and, together, the "Proposed Amendments.
The 12-month rule is not applicable, however, to the acquisition or production of inventory property, land, components of a unit of property, or to costs incurred to improve rather than acquire or produce tangible property.
35(c)(2) states, "the opinion must relate the applicable law (including potentially applicable judicial doctrines) to the relevant facts.
I next define these six statuses and indicate concepts from existing career development theories that are applicable to each status.
Bank and its parent companies have committed to make available to the Board such information on the operations of Bank and any of its affiliates that the Board deems necessary to determine and enforce compliance with the IBA, the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended, and other applicable federal law.
They also must define the goals and objectives so that they are consistent with the portfolio's resources and the constraints of applicable documents and statues.
In 5:21-23, Jesus binds the law prohibiting murder as applicable to anger and insults, and in 5:27-28 he similarly binds the law prohibiting adultery as applicable to lust.
The AICPA's new Consulting Services Special Report (CSSR) 03-01, Litigation Services and Applicable Professional Standards (No.
For plans other than SIMPLE plans under sections 401(k)(11) or 408(p), the applicable dollar amount is $1,000 for 2002, $2,000 for 2003, $3,000 for 2004, $4,000 for 2005 and $5,000 for 2006 and thereafter.
Nonetheless, these cases state principles of law applicable to the case in Public Citizen v.
Also applicable to the above aircraft is an AD that would require the replacement of certain transformer ballast assemblies in the first officer's console and electrical power centre with certain new, improved ballast assemblies.
Today, the lack of clear and sufficient evidence that a lender's collateral complies with applicable zoning ordinances can - and will - hang up a closing indefinitely, and is certainly capable of adding delay to otherwise straightforward transactions.