application of force

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About Friction Products Friction products are used to control or stop the motion of a solid object through the application of force.
The Home Office describes assault without injury as "an application of force which generates a feeling of touch or a passing moment of pain".
He said: "It's accepted that was perhaps reckless rather than an intentional application of force.
This machine allows the application of force on the seat and seatback.
The texture analyser is used in a horizontal position to ensure a constant application of force onto the sample.
The United States is rightly facing growing criticism for its unilateral application of force in its hunting down of terrorists.
It found there was "no deliberate application of force by de Bruin's knee" during the restraint.
The application of force against a sovereign state can only be in the case of self-defence.
Umakant Mishra, Press Information Bureau's former principal DG, said: " This was a mindless application of force.
China always advocates the peaceful settlement of international disputes and resorts to dialogue and negotiation on the basis of equality to resolve conflicts and problems, while it opposes the application of force," said Wu.
Coercion and an application of force will not settle any issues as the Islamic Republic is entitled to the employment of peaceful nuclear energy," Gul said in a meeting with Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi in Istanbul on Wednesday.
Indeed, he said, the law enforcement agencies are courageously taking initiatives for security of the people and it is also a fact that the government had never initiated application of force rather it has always countered the extreme actions on part of the law offenders.

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