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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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preVue, from Performance Awareness, along with application partitioning functionality in Oracle Developer/2000, will enable just that level of scalability.
With these agents, a manager can schedule start-up and shut-down of applications, set flag alarms based on performance readings, and perform dynamic application partitioning and server swapping without affecting site users.
Oracle's long standing commitment to portability and application partitioning has made Developer/2000 for the Web possible.
Version 8, the Magic Enterprise Edition, includes Internet and Client/Server integration capabilities, visual and dynamic application partitioning, version control, a new application management architecture, a new open API, Java client generation, and applett component integration.
GemStone's long-developed expertise in distributed application partitioning, now based on Enterprise JavaBeans, will give GemStone customers a competitive advantage in building Enterprise JavaBeans applications.
As a result of the application partitioning, a variety of user interface environments can communicate independently or concurrently with the same application for distributed computing across the enterprise.
Riverton is sponsoring these forums to show IS managers the issues surrounding application development and deployment in an era of component-based systems, application partitioning, and Internet and distributed n-tier platforms.

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