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The M/L-10 and Gemini[TM] laparoscopic Clip Appliers combining single-patient use disposable clip cartridges with a reusable handpiece, and
Additional information about the Endo Clip[TM] III 5mm clip applier can be found by visiting www.
Reusable devices are particularly popular in India; in fact, industry sources indicate that disposable clip appliers are rarely purchased.
Of the cases studied, The Pioneering Applier (Figure 2) shows the greatest degree of intensity in implanting new ideas.
Conscience is not a law-giver; it does not "create" the truth; it is the applier of laws to particular cases.
As they watched the green-paint applier, They realized he's a "lawn-falsifier"; Now we must confess, It would bother them less If the walls were a little bit higher
Instead, eager to streamline the process and to keep it inexpensive, we allow the judge to serve as the trier of fact--as well as the applier of the law.
A developer and applier of advanced techniques in the management of innovation and technology, his specific interests are: the development of a firm to enable it to generate "big innovations "on a regular basis--and hence generate rapid growth; the quantification and valuation of a firm's intangible assets, such as intellectual capital and brands; and the calculation of the contribution of these intangibles to shareholder value.
If necessary, a 10-mm clips applier or blood vessel sealing devices can be placed through the assistant's port.
We saw two great jobs advertised this week; one was for Halfords testing their sleeping bags and the other in the south of France for a sun tan cream applier.
A common upper pressure applier fits all sizes of pipe clamps.