apply to

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The ram, he felt sure, was the proper friend to apply to.
Vernon or to me on the cause of her distress; what could she do, therefore, but apply to my brother?
A word, for example, may be said to be vague when it is applicable to a number of different individuals, but to each as individuals; the name Smith, for example, is vague: it is always meant to apply to one man, but there are many men to each of whom it applies.
I am inclined to think that similar remarks apply to the general idea of "imageless thinking," concerning which there has been much controversy.
To whom could I apply to know something more of the man's history and of the man himself than I knew now?
I mean the resolution--if Miserrimus Dexter failed me--to apply to one of the two agents (or solicitors, as we should term them) who had prepared Eustace's defense--namely, Mr.
He at length dismissed Tom with a gentle rebuke, advising him for the future to apply to him in cases of distress, rather than to use extraordinary means of relieving them himself.
15) The provision also does not apply to a distribution that would otherwise be subject to section 355(d), or a distribution pursuant to a title 11 or similar case.
Under section 355(f), the intragroup distribution provision does not apply to any distribution of stock from one member of an affiliated group (whether or not the group files a consolidated return) to another member of such group, if the distribution is part of a plan or series of related transactions to which section 355(e) applies.
36) To coordinate the two subsections, the bill contained a provision that section 355(e) would not apply to any distribution to which section 355(d) applied.
Subsection (f) provided that section 355, in its entirety, would not apply to the distribution of stock from one member of an affiliated group filing a consolidated return to another member of such group.