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Confused as Catherine was, her wits were alert at applying our conversation.
After applying vainly at Sea View, I went to the hotel to inquire about you.
exclaimed Miss Betsey, unconsciously quoting the second sentiment of the pincushion in the drawer upstairs, but applying it to my mother instead of me, 'I don't mean that.
Pumblechook began again when he had recovered; folding his arms tight on his chest and applying the screw.
He had inherited from his mother some acquaintance with medicinal herbs and their preparation--a little store of wisdom which she had imparted to him as a solemn bequest--but of late years he had had doubts about the lawfulness of applying this knowledge, believing that herbs could have no efficacy without prayer, and that prayer might suffice without herbs; so that the inherited delight he had in wandering in the fields in search of foxglove and dandelion and coltsfoot, began to wear to him the character of a temptation.
Yes, I'm afraid you'll have but a strange opinion of me," she said; "but I love all experience,--it's such fun,--and when I heard that there was a sudden vacancy for a golden-haired beauty in this place, I couldn't resist applying, and to my surprise they took me--and here I am
And applying his black beard to the pitcher, he took a draught much more moderate in quantity than his encomium seemed to warrant.
For certain, your ladyship," he replied, respectfully applying the spade handle to his hair, which was combed down to his eyebrows.
He is merely applying to the telephone business the same hard sense that any farmer uses in the management of his farm.