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What she highlights is that vigilance can bring from the oblivion of the accidental a strange, frightening, and tentative appositeness.
These retrospective references to the protagonist in the extant Satyrica match so perfectly the fragment of Servius--in both texts Encolpius is an exile and a scapegoat--that their appositeness is most unlikely to be merely coincidental.
However, these critical remarks do not diminish the value and appositeness of the kind of serious intellectual engagement with the past that this collection undertakes.
At the same time, the disturbing appositeness of Adorno's forty-year-old critique is evidence of how nostalgic and reactionary the Melbourne program really was.
Again the appositeness of the introduction (Asteroid behaving as if Mad Anthony were controlling him from the TV set; the literal disassociation of image and speech as a metaphor of his condition) is only apparent in retrospect.
The poem brings us to that, with special appositeness in the vivid, versatile recent poems I have been discussing here.
The Perfect Filmic Appositeness of Maria Montez" (1962-63), in Wait for Me at the Bottom of the Pool: The Writings or Jack Smith, ed.
I am far from the first to note the appositeness of Keats's line for Twitter, as any search of the site will show.
I choose Jeremiah's investment for its appositeness at this time.