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The levi forces after the wake of killing of JUI leader met with Commissioner of Malakand and during a different raid levi forces under the head of Subidar Major Dost Muhammad apprehended the wanted killer Hayat in a dramatic line where he was presented to media.
The police also apprehended the terrorist involved in suicide attack on Rangers from Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan.
About 332,460 people were apprehended in Texas between October 2013 and September 2014, up from 235,600 the year before.
Besides, 42 drivers were apprehended for driving without documents.
IN WHAT should give some food for thought to criminologists and psychiatrists involved in research on deviant behaviour in children, data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau ( NCRB) shows that the number of juveniles apprehended on charges of committing rape exceed those held for murder.
Sub-Inspector Liaqat Ali from Kohsar police apprehended Liaqat Masih for having 1.
New Delhi, July 28 (ANI): The Government on Wednesday said there has been a decline in infiltrations at the Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Pakistan borders, a devopment observed by the number of apprehended infiltrators on these borders during 2008 to 2010 (till June).
Summary: BEIRUT: Three alleged muggers were apprehended by the police shortly after their crime, according to the Internal Security Forces.
Specifically, the agency argued that the judge failed to consider the emotional well-being of the apprehended child.
The Tumbleweed reported: "On or about the evening of June 21,2004, agents from the Willcox Border Patrol station apprehended 24 members of a larger group of Arabic-speaking males located just east of the Pierce/Sunsites area of Cochise County.
According to the Sheriff's 18th Semiannual report released Friday, the counsel also indicated that the sheriff canine unit's ratio of dog bites when suspects were apprehended rose sharply in the past few years.
On 31 May, 25 June, and 4 July 1781, for example, they apprehended six, seven, and eight individuals, respectively.