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Parce qu'il releve de mecanismes sensoriels au premier abord familiers des Amerindiens, il trouve aisement une place au sein des communautes huronnes, ou du moins est-il aisement apprehensible.
See Netanel, Democratic Civil Society, supra note 4, at 350 ("It bears emphasizing that the constitutive role of copyrightable creative expression in a democratic civil society is limited neither to works of authorship that explicitly address matters of political or social importance nor to those that present ideas in a rationally apprehensible manner.
It is part of Novak's views about faith, reason, and science that the world is an intelligible whole suffused with rationally apprehensible order, structure and meaning.
Therefore, in order that meaningful experience "becomes visible," apprehensible, and distinguishable to a social scientist who was formerly a participant with the Other in the flow of duration, s/he must step outside the present moment of lived experience, and attain an intentional gaze such that (past) experiences "now become objects of attention as constituted experiences" (1980:51).
In a contemporary Irish context, this praise of rural innocence over the deceits of the court is no mere novelistic cliche but a direct and readily apprehensible allusion to the tendency of the Protestant settler community in late-seventeenth century Ireland to portray itself in just such terms, in contrast to the metropolitan centre represented by England.
As the most immediately apprehensible instance of this instability, and in contrast to the accusations of homophobia that are traditionally aimed at Miller's Tropic of Cancer, the first paragraphs of the novel ironically find the narrator (named Henry Miller) shaving his friend Boris's armpits, even after which his "itching did not stop" (23).
The power of symbolic algebra, however, "is purchased at a price: the loss of inherent, immediately apprehensible meaning.
One accepts it, suggests Dostoevsky, as it is--a great and profound mystery, apprehensible only by faith--or accepts it not at all.
Indeed, the mathematician's desire to develop a universal character--a language that would, among other things, by apprehensible across otherwise vast geographical and cultural divides--led him to seek for unexpected connections between his privileged (and putatively "transparent") system of zeroes and ones and the Chinese Yijing, news concerning which was being disseminated in Europe by Catholic missionaries.
Dividing the world into apprehensible segments, and even further into individual, namable objects, enables us, through analogy, to grasp our individuality.
This implication is partly due to the notion that Shakespeare can be physically contained within identifiable borders: his work is locatable and apprehensible within a single book or the framed boundaries of a stage; Canada cannot be materially represented or comprehended in the same totalizing manner.
Seeing a radical caesura in literary and cultural processes in the late seventies, Tew identifies a new group of writers who have learnt from the lessons of metafictional experiment and, without discarding the heightened linguistic awareness of postmodern fiction, represent a shift "from heterogeneity and a deconstructive decentering toward apprehensible meaning" (4) and a greater emphasis on experiential reality and the life-world.