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Allergan evaluated this approach closely, with expert counsel in patent and sovereign immunity law.
SecurityCenter CV helped him shift Exostar from a more reactive threat management posture to a proactive approach closely aligned with top-level business objectives.
This strategic approach closely allies with the IT trend for both software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).
Putin's approach closely resembles the vision set out by Russian Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his 1990 essay "Rebuilding Russia.
Since then a variety of scholars working in Pacific Island studies and Native Studies has developed a version of cultural studies which takes up (among other things) Hau'ofa's call for an interdisciplinary approach closely connected to the lives of Pacific Islanders.
But when the orbital paths approach closely, that material can rush in, triggering feeding pulses for both stars and releasing a bright burst of light.
Crowds are likely to be a problem for the duration of the Paris stage of this exhibition, especially given Dali's minute detailing, which people will want to approach closely and linger over.
Dan Quinn provides robust and spirited melodeon accompaniments to a number of the sword performances, his approach closely following that of surviving recordings of music played for these dances, with a steady rhythmic pulse and plenty of drive.
H1: Development teams will improvise modestly and follow a sequential NPD approach closely under conditions of low environmental turbulence.
This approach closely mirrors incident-based deployment, and it provides an effective strategy to both fight crime and reduce traffic accidents and violations.
The highly differentiated approach closely couples real-time controls with inventory management, creating a seamless, highly responsive application.
The low-carbon approach closely connects global economic development and its transition of modes.