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So A111 is the Distance to stops, because it is connected to the Approachability (A11), etc.
As such, the approachability of a manager is a key dimension of a manager's reputation.
Approachability is a very desirable attribute for relationship-building" so if you are a leader, you want to assess if you're truly "approachable.
Chief Executive Officer for the Group, Stefan Messer, commented on the approachability of Messer s Medical team, saying, Our medical product advisors are available 365 days a year to answer patients questions on every aspect of our portfolio of products and services.
Every soldier he met, whether in Afghanistan where Rupert died of his wounds, or on his previous missions to Iraq must have felt a little less homesick after finding a journalist with approachability and wit.
While the star of this seasonal is the roasted malt character, the well-balanced flavor and brilliant amber color give Fireside Nut Brown a comforting approachability that you don't experience in traditional English-style nut browns.
Are you assisting your franchisees in doing all that they can to exploit the local ownership advantage, project approachability to their customers and make their customers feel significant, appreciated, liked and important?
The company intends to further enhance its approachability to investors and its mediation between property developers, customers and banks.
Our customers prefer an emphasis on the gourmet experience, and Chefs Fabio, Carla and Jeff communicate premium quality while exemplifying the approachability that is inherent to the brand.
She brings that sense of style and approachability to her painting, which is sophisticated but friendly.
His looks, his talent, his humour, his approachability, his lack of pomposity and the fact that he cares about the people of Darfur.
Education watchdogs Ofsted said this helped make the school popular with parents who value the approachability of the staff and the good extra-curricular opportunities the school provides.