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As the Methods section below details, help-seeking tendencies were measured via approachability ratings collected from listeners hailing from the NY tri-state area (New Yorkers) and the Midwestern regions (Midwesterners) who rated the likelihood of approaching each of the accents for help in each of the two situations.
Individuation, shared responsibility, accountability, approachability, and communication demonstrated median Likert values of 4.
Eye contact and a smile create the best approachability, and are the basic building blocks of hospitality.
So A111 is the Distance to stops, because it is connected to the Approachability (A11), etc.
approachability, integrity, and mentoring) are based upon and reflect current managerial and leadership research and theory (e.
Beyond her corporate responsibilities, which make her powerful by anyone's definition, her intelligence, confidence and approachability have made her an influential force in the industry.
Thank you for your open expression, your approachability, your warmth, your achievements.
The circle symbolizes the globe, the stylized image of a smiling face conveys friendliness and approachability, while the one eye conveys goal-oriented, focused and confident
Many natural-born leaders possess many good qualities, but approachability may not be one of them.
Mr Taaffe said: "The most important benefit of the merger is that nothing will change so far as our client services are concerned, with our particular and shared emphasis on quality of service, approachability and friendliness.
Chief Executive Officer for the Group, Stefan Messer, commented on the approachability of Messer s Medical team, saying, Our medical product advisors are available 365 days a year to answer patients questions on every aspect of our portfolio of products and services.