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I took off from KSAF and want to fly approaches there, so I created a flight plan from KSAF to KSAF with a fix in between.
The operator performed all the procedures standing on the right side of the patient for both left and right radial approaches.
Knowing the weather will help you anticipate if an instrument approach is necessary, and the approach in use if the airport has multiple approaches.
Although these approaches provide simple summaries of spatial patterns, they do not often succeed in illustrating true levels of complexity and heterogeneity that characterize biologic landscapes.
While the effectiveness of these approaches is still being fully judged, it's critical for organizations to also leverage technology to better enable the performance of their human capital, not just the human resource process transactions.
In the income and market approaches, earnings typically are used to estimate value.
One-size-fits-all approaches are simply inadequate for estimating the value of a facade preservation easement.
It's possible to have public-health approaches to preventing both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases that are sex-positive.
The traditional practice of developing RfD, a dose-response part of risk assessment (Barnes and Dourson 1988), would suggest two possible approaches to developing an RfD from the perchlorate data.
This broke a long-standing programmatic management framework of the elements reporting to their respective Services and emphasized DoD's emphasis on joint materiel development programs and its willingness to undertake dramatic and unprecedented approaches.
Because of drug resistance and toxicity, we knew we would need to continue basic research on HIV and attempt to develop additional approaches to therapy.