appropriate behavior

See: decorum
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Staff, like children, need to know what appropriate behavior is.
Both Davidson and Getz expected the most appropriate behavior from the CITs; however, they were always available to intervene with support and instruction if a difficult situation arose and it appeared that the lead counselors and the CITs would be unable to resolve it themselves.
By providing consistent training to all employees, supported by a certificate of completion, this course empowers employees to take responsibility for their work environments and appropriate behavior that may help organizations avoid costly litigation.
Second, safety regulations and appropriate behavior should be clearly communicated and the participant should be asked to state, or in some other way acknowledge, agreement.
Both the control plane and optical transport layer were verified for appropriate behavior during the trials.
When campers exhibit appropriate behavior, they can receive tokens that may be exchanged for highly desired activities (e.
Instead of concentrating on how to respond to camper behavior, staff can focus on helping campers learn the appropriate behavior for various situations in which they find themselves at camp.
According to Watson, "Lorillard feels very strongly that to address the issue of youth smoking reduction it is important for the company as well as other interested parties to communicate to kids that smoking is not appropriate behavior and should be discouraged.
Our referees are in a position to enforce ethical, appropriate behavior on the part of those that appear before them and are encouraged to do so by the proposed standards.
During the assessment phase, we conducted three procedures to identify reinforcers for destructive and appropriate behavior.
Without after-care, the appropriate behavior the youth learn in the facilities is lost.
Praise appropriate behavior and ignore inappropriate behavior.
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