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This is however considered a decrease for IDA compared to November 2015, during which 181 approvals were obtained for the establishment of new industrial investment projects at a cost of up to EGP 12.
The Liberty Bond approval came as the IDA announced its board had approved tax assistance for Bank of America and the Durst Organization to build their Times Square skyscraper, that will become headquarters to the bank's investment banking, trading and asset management divisions.
First, looking at general presidential approval, we see that general approval is a function of itself lagged one period.
Right now there is considerable doubt about where President Bush's job approval numbers will be by the time the November 5 midterm elections arrive and for that matter, whether this election--which will determine control of the U.
2002-38 has expanded the scope of taxpayers eligible for automatic approval to change their annual accounting period to include:
People began demanding faster drug approval through media campaigns, lobbying, and demonstrations.
This statement reflects the 1997 FDA Modernization Act, which revised FDA drug approval requirements by stating, "data from one adequate and well-controlled clinical investigation and confirmatory evidence" may be sufficient and constitute "substantial evidence" of a drug's merits.
His group will prod the FDA to speed up approval of new items and push Congress to allow private groups to clear health claims made by food makers.
Approval of a drug is based on evidence from controlled clinical trials, whereas the evidence necessary to establish the safety and effectiveness of a device is broadly defined as "valid scientific evidence" derived from well-controlled investigations, partially controlled studies, studies and objective trials without matched controls, and reports of significant experience with a marketed device.
One drawback of expeditious approval (as opposed to automatic approval) is that a corporation requesting expeditious approval must conform to Rev.
The FDAs accelerated approval program is under intense scrutiny following the Vioxx debacle and the market withdrawal of AstraZenecas Iressa.
The Court agreed with the seller that the buyer was in breach of contract when it refused to go forward with the contract based on the seller's failure to secure subdivision approval.