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circulated a proposal ("Scientific and Technical Principles for Fixed-Dose Combination Products") that appears to require major clinical trials for approving generic fixed-dose combinations for HIV, trials not required for similar approvals in the U.
As of late February, the FDA was close to approving a drug-coated stent designed to prevent' arteries from reclogging.
Some members of the Los Angeles Unified School District board, as well as their attorney, warned that approving such a proposal would establish a precedent for other plans.
The agency requires "significant scientific agreement" before approving a health claim, a standard it defines "on a case-by-case basis.
The Court of Appeals affirmed the Appellate Division's order approving rezoning.
The timing and amount of any cash distribution will be dependent on, among other things, whether the Court approves the settlement, whether there is an appeal of any order approving the settlement, how and when the class action lawsuits are finally resolved, and the amount of Triton's expenses prior to any distribution date.
The Local Agency Formation Commission took the next step in November by approving annexation of the 4,300 acres to Moorpark.
If a locality is approving a project according to a state code, CEQA does not apply.
The GSA informed applicant vendors that it would be selecting and approving products that had matched certain qualifications," said Paul Frasca, Vice President, US Federal Sales Division, Cross Match Technologies.
Approving the maps would seem to be a less than controversial move.
The resolution approving the merger of Income Financial Plus into Income Financial, subject to the approval of Income Financial Plus unitholders and regulatory approval, was approved.
Huerta told Riordan that approving the ordinance would be seen as a sign that Los Angeles officials are catering to the city's affluent residents, to the detriment of the working poor.