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Now, that is what I call real cleverness," said the Scarecrow, approvingly.
An excellent suggestion," said the Woggle-Bug, approvingly.
Nikita nodded approvingly as he arranged the reins.
Very good, Polly, you are getting on fast," whispered Tom, patting his yellow kids approvingly.
It is quite right, my dear,' retorted her father approvingly, 'to be exact.
The lady of the caravan looked on approvingly for some time, and then said,
Byline: Jane Costello recently with a few she liked at the approvingly, of Mr me In first
SIR - Am I the only reader to have noticed approvingly the transformation of Cardiff Wales Airport since its acquisition by the Welsh government?
I used the description approvingly and Miliband should ignore Tories applying it disparagingly.
In Karpos there is huge interest in gasification as evidenced by the conducted opinion poll in which 88 percent of 22,000 legal and physical entities responded approvingly.
To quote one State House wag assessing rather approvingly the first couple of months of the Hassan administration.
The two actors could be seen pointing towards the shore, talking amongst themselves as they looked approvingly at the beach bodies on display under the Miami sun, the Daily Mail reported.